About the Author: I was a preschool teacher for ten years and have written more than 60 books for young children. When teaching, reading and telling stories were the most satisfying parts of my school day. I especially loved watching my childrens' faces when they were really "hooked" on a story.

I enjoy visiting schools and giving presentations where I share my stories, discuss the process of creating a picture book -- from idea to publication -- and telling traditional folktales. I also set aside time to answer childrens' questions.
Presentations: A full-day visit includes three sessions, each running approximately 45 minutes. Experience has shown me that meeting with two or three classes at a time is optimal, but larger-group presentations can be arranged, too.
Autographing Books: If you are interested in purchasing my books in advance, please contact Scholastic.com. A 40% discount will be offered. I will gladly sign books for children between my presentations.  
Author's Home: New York City, NY
Suggested Audience: Preschool to 2nd Grade
Usual Honorarium: $500 plus transportation expenses from New York City.

If you would like to schedule a visit, please contact me.