Welcome to the website of award-winning Children's Book Author, Steve Metzger.

Steve has written over 70 books, including Pluto Visits Earth!
(ABC Best Books for Children), Detective Blue (Colorado Children's Book Award Nominee), and The Way I Act (aligned with Common Core State Standards and approved for classroom use by the California Dept. of Education).

To  arrange an author visit for the 2016/17 school year,
please check out the "Author Visits" section.

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New Chapter Book Now on Sale!

Toto-lly Funny and Heartwarming!

Toto tells us what really happened when he and Dorothy traveled to Oz.

Read all about Steve and "Toto's Story" in Story Monsters Ink.

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“We are amazed at Steve Metzger’s new chapter book, Toto’s Story.  It’s so much fun to hear Toto’s side of the story!” Dawn Gallis, Education Coordinator, JCC of Staten Island

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  • Detective blue

     interview: DETECTIVE BLUE

    Miss Muffet is missing, but don't worry . . . Detective Blue is on the case!

    A wacky cast of nursery rhyme characters join the rollicking fun. Hilarious illustrations from Tedd Arnold, award-winning creator of  “Fly Guy.


    Praise for Detective Blue:

    "The madcap mystery will keep children -- and adults -- intrigued with tiny tips that point the detective and readers in the right direction."
                                                                SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL, starred review

  • pluto visits earth!

    Pluto journeys to Earth to become a real planet again!


    Out-of-this-world adventure features silly illustrations and kid-friendly facts about the solar system.


     Honors for Pluto Visits Earth!

    * Featured in the ABC Best Books for Children Catalog

    * Book of the Year Finalist (3rd - 4th Grade): Children's Choice Book Awards

    * Featured at the 2014 "World Science Festival"


    Praise for Pluto Visits Earth!:

    "The many folks who took the demotion of Pluto personally will find their love expressed here, while the scientific reasoning behind the unpopular decision is explained in a reasonable way. The simple, childlike text personifies planets and other space objects playfully."

  • the way i act

    Dancing! Prancing! Running! Jumping!

    Spinning like a top.

    When I’m active, I feel GREAT!

    And never want to stop.


    The Way I Act takes children on a journey through positive choices – with all the enjoyment they can bring.



    Praise for The Way I Act:

    "The Way I Act" is a children's guide to understanding how their actions express who they are. Some qualities that are described and encouraged in actions are being friendly, brave, considerate, curious, imaginative, active, capable, and many more. Zany, brilliantly colored illustrations swoop off each page to bring "The Way I Act" to full vibrancy. A Note to Parents at the end fives helpful suggestions for ways to use the book to help teach children to develop desired qualities and good judgment. "The Way I Act" is sure to please both parents and children, with its imaginative invitation to act in positive, helpful, creative ways.




    The Way I Act has been approved for classroom use by the California Department of Education!


    For more information, please go to



  • Lincoln and Grace: Why Abraham Lincoln Grew a Beard

    Eleven-year-old Grace Bedell really liked presidential candidate Abraham Lincoln!


    But the one thing she thought he was missing was a she sat down and wrote him a letter. After reading Grace's letter and listening to her advice, Lincoln grew a beard and became the 16th President of the United States. This is a true story about the power of written communication and how one little girl changed history.

    Praise for Lincoln and Grace:

    Grace Bedell is a name that the annals of history would have long forgotten had she not written a cheeky letter to Abraham Lincoln during the profoundly turbulent election of 1860. Bedell, a young girl living in a small town in New York, suggested to a whiskerless Lincoln that his chances of winning the election would be greatly increased if he grew a beard to cover his slim face. Even more remarkable than Bedell’s bold suggestion was Lincoln’s good-natured written response to her letter, a copy of which can be found in this book’s back matter. In fact, when Lincoln visited Bedell’s hometown in 1861, he personally and publicly thanked her for her advice. Part folk story, part social history, this offers the character development and gently illustrated plot points of a storybook scaffolded by benchmark historical events. Lincoln is a perennially favorite historical figure, and this book reminds readers of the humble and friendly persona that was his hallmark.

    Grades K-3. --Erin Anderson BOOKLIST

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I love visiting schools and sharing the joy of children's literature with children, teachers, and librarians. My multi-media presentations incorporate "Common Core Literacy Standards" and explore the process of creating a picture book -- from idea to publication. Programs may be customized for your school and feature:

  • Award-winning picture books
  • Storytelling
  • Audience participation
  • Science connections based on Pluto Visits Earth!
  • Big Books (for younger children)
  • Books that promote character development
  • Time for Q&A

Suggested Audience:
PreK - 5th Grade.
(three 45-minute presentations):

If you are interested in setting up an author visit -- or if you have any questions -- please send me an email at
Thank you.

Author visits

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Rhyme and Repetition

Predictable text helps children learn to read with confidence!

Falling Leaves

Science and History

These delightful characters show children how to get along!

Engaging stories feature fun facts and vivid illustrations!

Young dinosaurs learn and grow at preschool!


A lemon shark receives a visit from the Tooth Fairy…plus more exciting stories!

Friendly Sharks

BIG adventures with a very brave snowflake!

Playful Snowflakes

Engaging stories that promote social development and build self-confidence!

Character Development

Celebrate the holidays...all year long!

Happy Holidays

I love to hear from my readers!

I grew up in Queens, New York. It was a quieter time…when kids could enjoy hours of unsupervised outdoor play with their friends.


I was fortunate to have supportive parents and a wonderful younger sister, Lois (now a writer of amazing young-adult books – check out her website: Mutti, my remarkable grandmother, was a source of unconditional love, something every child needs.


I had a variety of jobs – dishwasher, taxi driver, hotel room clerk, and import manager – before finding my true calling, working with children. I went to graduate school and received my teaching degree from “Bank Street College of Education.”


I spent 15 happy years as a classroom teacher. Afterward, I worked at Scholastic, where I received the opportunity to write children’s books. Seventy books later, I’m still writing…and loving it!


I live with my wife, Nancy; daughter, Julia; and Biscuit, a talkative cat, in New York City.


Julia and Steve

Nancy and Steve

about steve

Steve at "Books of Wonder"

Grandma Mutti and Steve

Monica Rosario, ESL Teacher, PS 29,
College Point, NY

I would absolutely recommend booking Steve Metzger to visit your school! I can’t tell you how many students and teachers came up to me the next day to tell me how wonderful he was.

Dawn Gallis, Early Childhood Education Coordinator,
JCC Early Childhood Center

The children were so excited to see a “real-life” author in person. They were amazed that the person reading to them is the same person that wrote their favorite stories.

Tova Markowitz, Reading Specialist,
Lido Elementary School, Long Beach, NY

Thank you for enhancing shared literacy and the love for reading and writing to children. The kids were overjoyed about meeting an author.

Tracey Wong, SLMS, PS 54
(Fordham Bedford Academy), Bronx, NY

The visit was great! So many teachers came up to me after and spoke of how their kids made connections and are excited to write now.

Mary Ann Peterson: Past President,
New Jersey Association of Kindergarten Educators

Your wonderful presentation at our spring meeting was fun and informative! Your books are favorites in our classrooms and now we can tell our students all about the author.

Gretchen Berhorst: Supervisor,
Missouri Conference on the Young Years

The information you provided during your keynote address is making a difference in the lives of Missouri’s young children and their families.


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